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  • Well hello...

    So, you have this one friend, and they know you so well, they might actually know you better than yourself.  Sometimes it might freak you out, but they text or call you asking to go out to dinner before you’ve even had the chance to tell them you had a stressful day, almost as if they knew and were pre-empting your invite. You’re reading their missive, thinking, “Say what? Yes!” Your best friend knows you inside and out, and sometimes-even calls you out on things you thought you could slip by unnoticed. On one particular day, I just wasn’t feeling...

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  • The “Ekso” Study at Kessler

    As Francesco’s right hand, I am not only involved in Clark’s Botanicals, but his life as he recovers as well. I particularly enjoy learning about the latest case-studies in scientific research for SCI (spinal cord injury) patients and seeing first-hand how quickly this area is evolving more than ever.

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  • New York Fashion Week SS 2014

    New York City in the Fall is a special time of year. The energy in the air feels electric, almost palpable, with sidewalks pulsating and bouncing with anticipation of what the change in season will bring. NY Fashion Week feels like homecoming, in a way, in the city that never sleeps, where seeing creativity spark the fashion and beauty industries out of the summer daze. Seeing the anticipated collections of dear friends is a highlight to say the least.

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