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Clark's Botanicals Men's Skincare 101 with Francesco Clark

If anyone knows what works for men’s skin, it’s Founder of Clark’s Botanicals, Francesco Clark. After a spinal cord injury left his skin unable to self-regulate and balance, he had to deal with constant congestion, breakouts, and dullness. When he couldn’t find a solution from the store, he turned to his father, Dr. Harold Clark, to help him formulate their own.  


Now at the helm of a skincare line that’s suitable for both men and women, Clark’s Botanicals tackles all of the complexion challenges guys to have to deal with too. From the Anti-Puff Eye Cream that hides all signs of tiredness by tightening and de-puffingto the Skin Clearing Face & Body Wash that uses salicylic acid to gently exfoliate and get rid of dead skin cells that harbor bacteria, Clark’s Botanicals is a must for every man’s grooming arsenal. 


In a quick-fire Q&A, Francesco answers everything you’ve ever wanted to know about what men should and shouldn’t be doing to their skin.  


Does men’s skin react differently to ingredients? 


Because men typically shave everyday, their skin becomes more sensitive and reacts faster. With constant, aggressive exfoliation from shaving, men’s skin becomes sensitive to some of the ingredients that women’s skincare might contain. Men’s skin also has more sebaceous glands, so inherently more pores than women’s skin. Along with that, sebum production in men is about double that in women’s skin, making it oilier, with a lower pH than that of female skin. This makes male skin more susceptible to acne.  


In knowing that, it’s important to use lighter weight products on male skin that help keep pores clear, while fighting the signs of aging. That’s why the sugar-derived glycolic acid and algae extracts in the Smoothing Marine Cream are so great for male skin: the former helps to smooth and moisturize while clearing pores, while the algae helps to soothe the skin and give long-lasting hydration. 


Are there any areas of the face men are more prone to aging and fine lines? 


While male skin is about 20% thicker than female skin, once the aging process starts to show, the changes you see are more sudden in male’s skin. Because male skin is thicker, it also leads to a delay in some wrinkle development, though when they do develop, the depth is deeper. Eyes are always a major area of concern with our male customers. Our Anti-Puff Eye Cream is great because it uses a natural caffeine derivative to depuff, while hexapeptide-11 helps to fight the signs of dry fine lines and wrinkles. 


Do men need to use as many products as a woman? Is a cleanse and moisturize two-step process enough? 


I love skincare products, so I’m biased. I always think of multi-purpose products, though. Who has the time for a 9-step routine? Because male skin is more oily, men’s products should be lighter in texture, and help to rebalance the skin. Think of the Skin-Clearing Face & Body Wash in the shower because it uses salicylic acid, willow bark extract, and algae to clarify and brighten the skin, while something as versatile as the Deep Moisture Mask helps to calm down redness from razor burn, with its high concentration of Japanese green tea extracts.  


Should you moisturize before and after a workout? 


I do, and you definitely should be moisturizing with SPF if you’re going to workout, go running, outside. Just make sure it’s a lightweight formula that absorbs into the skin, so it doesn’t run into your eyes when you sweat. (We’re working on a great one!) You should definitely moisturize after a workout. In fact, your skin absorbs moisturizers so much better right after a shower. 


Is a night cream really necessary for men? 


One of the main reasons I formulated our Retinol Rescue Overnight Cream is that it’s a night cream that helps to even out the skin tone while you sleep. You’ll start to see some of the stubborn spots appear lighter, while your overall color is brighter and more radiant. So yes, if it’s a treatment night cream, I’d absolutely advocate for men to use a night cream.  



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