Dual Charcoal Detox

Brightening mask and exfoliating treatment


Clark’s Botanicals’ latest skin savior is a potent cocktail of bioactive naturals that purify, buff, brighten, hydrate and protect the skin from daily environmental aggressors. The lustrous formula is powered by two types of Charcoal, five Fruit Enzymes and natural, encapsulated Jojoba Oil Golden that melts upon application. Dual Charcoal Detox uses only “cutting edge clean” ingredients to reboot your radiance and maintain soft, strong, healthy-looking skin every day.



  • Binchotan Japanese Charcoal Powder, a smoother and more porous version of charcoal, absorbs impurities and oil without scratching or stripping the skin.
  • Activated Charcoal Powder helps purify the skin, keeping it clean and radiant.
  • Supercharged Jasmine combined with Mango, Papaya and Pineapple fruit extracts loosen dead skin cells and help nourish, moisturize, strengthen and rejuvenate skin.
  • Tamarind Fruit Extract helps soothe and calm skin.
  • Chinese Ginger Plant Extract helps to balance uneven skin tone and gives a brighter appearance.
  • 100% natural purified Padina Pavonica, brown algae, extracts toxins and serves as a skin protection shield to help fight off external aggressors.
  • Golden pearl spheres encapsulated with Jojoba Oil Golden melt upon application, moisturizing the skin without a greasy residue. You’ll experience hours of hydration after the product is rinsed off.

How to Use:  Apply a quarter-sized dollop to damp face and neck in the AM or PM. Massage gently as formula transforms from black to white. Use as a three-minute mask before rinsing with water. The ingredients are gentle enough to use daily and can also be applied to shoulders and décolleté.


Size:  4.7 oz., 140ml