"Vanity Saved My Life."

My life changed suddenly following a spinal cord injury. Paralyzed, my skin stopped sweating and releasing toxins, resulting in unbalanced, congested, and prematurely aging skin. To transform my skin—and regain my courage—I partnered with my father, Dr. Harold Clark, to formulate our own solution harnessing the radical healing and balancing effects of the Jasmine flower. A proprietary complex of Jasmine absolute, essential oils, and botanical extracts is now the fundamental ingredient in every formula.

Today, Clark’s Botanicals provides results-driven products that make you look the way you feel and unlocks your potential from the outside, in.

xx Francesco

Radical Botanicals

At Clark’s Botanicals, we look at the properties of an ingredient and then figure out how to make it do even more for your skin. Every ingredient in Clark's Botanicals is pushed beyond its known limits by a combination of science and nature - truly radical botanicals. Our formulas deliver real results, without toxins like parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, or sulfates. Clark's Botanicals will never test on animals or use any animal by-products.

Meet Francesco Clark

Hear about Francesco’s journey as told to CNN.